Music Box

Music Box

Sandra Gayer presents Music Box every Monday 7-8pm with a repeat on Sundays 7-8pm, playing an hour of some of the world’s most famous and influential classical music.

As a classically trained soprano singer and pianist, Sandra is the perfect host to guide you through the many genres of classical music including; orchestral, choral and operatic music as well as scores from film and theatre. She reveals some of the stories behind the tracks and examines how the music has been used over the years.

With a variety of tunes highlighted each week including a featured film, Sandra ensures that whether you know your Brahms from your elbow or are a complete novice in the classical music world, you’re bound to hear tracks you’ll recognise and love.

So open up the Music Box on RNIBs Connect Radio and relax to some of the world’s most beautiful classical music.

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Sandra Gayer (presenter)

Lux Aeterna: Enigma Variations (9) composed by Edward Elgar performed by Choir of King's College Cambridge

Sollace composed by Scot Joplin performed by Alexander Pescanov

God Loves Everyone composed by Ron Sexsmith performed by Ron Sexsmith

Patrol: Paths of Glory composed by Jerald Friel performed by City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Move Now With Measured Sound composed by Thomas Campion performed by Emma Kirkby, Consort of Musicke

As Vesta Was: Lakmos composed by Thomas Weelkes performed by Consort of Musicke

Pack up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit composed by Bag and smile smile smile composed by Felix Powell, George Powell, Oscar Seagle, The Columbia Stellar Quartet

When You and I Were Young Maggie composed by J. A. Butterfield, G. W. Johnson performed by Count John McCormack

Bless The Lord oh My Soul composed by Jonathan Dove performed by The Wells Cathedral Choir, Jonathan Vaughn

Gloria Patri: Magnificat composed by John Rutter performed by Cambridge Singers, City of London Simfonia

Overture: Sergeant York composed by Max Steiner performed by City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra

Albert and Joey: War Horse composed by Adrian Sutton performed by Original London Cast Recording


Empire of The Sun: Exultate Justi composed by John Williams performed by City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Crouch End Festival Chorus performed by Paul Bateman, David Temple

Sollace composed by Scott Joplin performed by Alexander Pescanov

The Nut Cracker: Dance of The Reed Pipes performed by Tchaikovsky performed by The Kirov Orchestra performed by Valery Gergiev

How Doth The City Sit Solitary composed by John Blow performed by Robin Blaze, Joseph Cornwell, William Kendle, Steven Varco, Steven Alder, The Parley of Instruments composed by Peter Hallman, David Hill

Sonata No. 1 (2) composed by C.P.E. Bach performed by Armin Thalheim

Symphony No. 1 (4) composed by Beethoven performed by The Hanover Band performed by Monica Huggett

I was Glad performed by Hubert Parry composed by The Choir of ST. Paul’s Cathedral 

The Nut Cracker: Variation composed by Tchaikovsky performed by The Kirov Orchestra performed by Valery Gergiev 

Flute Quartet in D major (1) composed by Rossini performed by Europa Symphony soloists