00:00 This is RNIB Connect Radio

Rounding up the major interviews and features from the RNIB Connect Radio team with some great music.

08:00 Music Box

Sandra Gayer presents an hour of classical music

09:00 Reflections

Marilyn Baker presents an interesting look at disability and faith in today's world

10:00 Sunday Morning with Kris

Highlights from the week on RNIB Connect Radio

11:00 The Moth Radio Hour

True stories from people across all walks of life told live in front of an audience.

12:00 Sounds Of The Silver Screen

Alan George presents classic themes and tracks from the movies.

13:00 RNIB Newsagent

Talking Newspapers and Magazines.

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14:00 Read On Air

For those passionate about books and reading. Hosted by Red Szell.

15:00 Weekend Talking Books

Robert Kirkwood introduces a classic Talking Book for the young or the young at heart.

16:00 Folk and Roots

Join Aly Prince for music filled with life and history.

17:00 Pure 70s

Roger Cole presents classic hits from the seventies.

18:00 Sunset Melodies

Gary Moritz plays relaxing tracks from the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s for your Sunday evening

19:00 Music Box

Sandra Gayer presents an hour of classical music

20:00 Real Country

Steven Scott plays the biggest country hits from Nashville.

21:00 Pure 80s

Roger Cole presents the greatest hits from the decade of decadance

22:00 Talking Books

Robert Kirkwood presents the best in spoken word.

23:00 Relax With RNIB Connect

Relax with great music to end the day